2010 Lab Nationals Information (2011 rewrite expected soon)

The 2010 Labrador Nationals will run from Saturday, 09 October, through Friday, 15 October. It will be in Chino, California (east of Los Angeles), with most events at the Prado Regional Park (http://www.co.san-bernardino.ca.us/parks/prado.htm), and Hunt Events at Prado Dog Park (http://pradorecreation.com). See http://www.thelabradorclub.com/subpages/show_contents.php?page=Planned+E... for more details.

Agility will be on Tuesday and Wednesday (12/13 Oct) with the Top 25 Run late on Wednesday afternoon.
Hunt Tests will be on Saturday and Sunday (09/10 Oct); Tracking on Monday; Obedience & Rally on Wednesday and Thursday (13/14 Oct). Yes, Obedience & Rally are going to conflict with Agility on Wednesday, but the two fields will be within walking distance. Breed ring stuff will be on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday. (See http://www.thelabradorclub.com/subpages/show_contents.php?page=Planned+E... for more details.)

Agility will be outdoors on grass, with electronic timing. There will be 2 rings, with Mark Upshaw judging. Each day Exc Standard will start first at 8 AM, followed by Exc JWW; with Open and Novice following. FAST will follow Novice JWW on Tuesday, starting with Excellent, then Open, then Novice FAST. The Top 25 Showcase Run will Wednesday late afternoon, maybe around 4 PM - we’ll have sun until after 6 PM, so there will be plenty of light and time.

Weather averages for Chino, CA, during specialty:
Average High: 83; Average Low: 53; Average rainfall: .02".

Prado Regional Park is located next to a canyon and hills, and is typically a few degrees cooler than Chino. There is typically a wind that begins to blow about 11 am, bringing in cool air. There are very few days the wind doesn't blow, and most days it is a gentle breeze that makes even the hottest days bearable.

The premiums will be available in early August. Closure will be on 15 September 2010, but with no limits on the number of accepted applications.

Hotel details: The official hotel will be the Doubletree Hotel Ontario Airport, Ontario, CA. Website: http://doubletree1.hilton.com/en_US/dt/index.do When the website comes up, type in “Ontario” under “City” and pick California for state, then click “Find It”. The Doubletree Hotel Ontario Airport should be the first option listed. Hope to see you there!

Showcase Event: Each year AKC calculates their Top 25 Agility dogs for each breed. AKC's Top 5 (plus some alternates from the Top 10) are then invited to AKC's December National Invitational Agility Championships. The ranking is determined by taking the number of MACH Points earned between July 1, 2009, and June 30, 2010, and adding 10 points for each DQ earned during that same period.

In each of the past four years the LRC has invited each of AKC's Top 25 Agility Labradors to a special Top 25 Showcase Run as part of Agility at the Lab Nationals. In 2006, in Missouri, 14 of the Nation's Top 25 Agility Labs participated. In 2008 in Georgia that number increased to 16. Last year in Illinois there were 17.

The showcase run is based on an International style standard agility course using standard AKC equipment. The table is not included. Each team is given one run. The runs are timed and judged, but no official placements are awarded. The course is judged using a time plus faults method, with an off course being the only “elimination” fault. All other faults, such as a knocked bar, refusal/run out, or missed contact, result in a 5 point penalty.

For their Top 25 Run, dogs will run at whatever height they are jumping for their regular AKC (non-preferred) runs.

All dogs with the same jump height run as a group. Within that group dogs run in reverse order of rank (#25 to #1). The order in which the groups are run will be determined by the rank of the top ranked dog within that group. For example, if the top ranked Lab in attendance is a 20” dog, the 20” dogs will run last and will run in reverse order of rank (#25 to #1), making the Event's top ranked dog the last dog to run.

There is an entry fee of $15 per team. Each of the Top 25 Showcase participants will receive a participation rosette. (Each will also have a biographical paragraph published in the official catalog for the National Specialty.)

Dogs are run to music of their handler's choice. In addition, prior to each run, an announcer will give short biographical details provided by the handler.

The Agility Trial Chair is Lynn Spears (tornadotilly@cox.net), and Kelly Greenwood (kzunell2@yahoo.com) is in charge of building courses this year. Kelly expects there to be lots of people jumping in and helping. We will start set-up on Monday afternoon, after the Tracking Test is over. (Kelly & I both hope to have successful tracks in the TDX!) Please contact Kelly if you can help, making clear which days (Mon, Tue, Wed) you expect to be able to help.

I hope to see you at Lab Nationals this October!

P.s., If you think you'll be running agility at Lab Nationals, please let others know that you may come. You can do this by listing your Lab(s) at "Who's Coming Lab Nationals" (http://fastlabs.limecreek.com/report/whos-coming-lab-nationals-october-2010).