Who's Coming to Lab Nationals in October 2011

Ranksort icon AKC Titled Name J-C-S Fast/VF Lab? Primary Handler Prob Come State Call Name
MACH2 Legacy Hot Off The Press RA MXG MJG MXF T2B 20-Y-F VF Pamela Demetrion 98% MA Caper
Hidden Leaf's All Keyed Up AX AXJ XF 20-Y-F VF Deirdre Crofton 98% NY Kea
MACH2 The Captain's Frequent Flyer UD JH MXF 20-C-F VF Kim Secter 75% PA Ranger
Case Pond's Crazy Girlfriend Miranda OA AXJ OF 20-Y-F Richard Dennison 98% CT Miranda
MACH Case Ponds Lady Gabrielle 20-Y-F Richard Dennison 98% CT Gabby
Gun Creek's Moving Violation VCD2 RN AXP AJP XFP 20-Y-M Joann Boomhower 98% NY Ticket
Canebrake SXM Perfect Timing CD AX AXJ XF 24-B-F Liz Dole 98% NY Lexie
MACH TDK's Master of the Summit MXF VCD1 RN MXP MJP XFP 24-Y-M VF Deirdre Crofton 98% NY Caper
High Peaks Speed Trap CD OA AXJ OF 20-Y-M Joann Boomhower 98% NY Radar
4 MACH5 Kjs Blackwater Keep On Rolln MH XF RN 24-B-M VF Barbara Knowlton 98% TN Coalby
9 MACH2 BKs Riparian River Of Dreams RN XF 20-B-F VF Barbara Knowlton 98% TN Kylie
10 MACH5 Lakebounds New Year Addition VCD2 MXF TQX 20-Y-F VF Lynn Stahl 90% NJ Addy
11 MACH2 Chloe Ohana XF 24-B-F Heidi Randall 75% KS Chloe
15 98%
18 98%
19 MACH4 Lime Creek's Little Bit CDX MXF CH 20-B-F VF Paul Young 25% WI Bit
20 MACH Dakota's Destiny 24-B-M Jeannie Henderson 50% NY Dakota
25 MACH2 Joemac's Cause For Concern CDX XF 26-Y-M VF Deb Joseph 25% WI Joey

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